For my fortieth birthday my wife decided to throw me a party. “What kind of party do you want?” she asked. “I just want to get a lot of presents,” I said. I did get a lot of presents, and I had everyone there pose for a quick photo, the idea being that as a thank-you I would send each friend a painted portrait. My exposure to art is mainly limited to a great program in middle school, and visiting museums as an adult, so I don’t know where I got this idea. I may have caught the bug from my sister, who is quite artistic, and is always painting things. Eighteen months later, I still haven’t painted any of those portraits, but I will, and in the meantime I have been doing other ones. Lately I have been posting to Twitter and painting whoever responds. It’s all acrylic on cheap canvasses. It’s engaging and I’m learning a lot while doing it.

#5. My friend, Andrew. June 2021. The proportions (forehead and eye placement esp.) are off, and the eyes glaringly incorrect, like those ice beings in game of thrones, but I'm getting a feel for this.
#4. Twitter mutual, June 2021.
#3. College friend (via Twitter), January 2021. This one looks like an amusement park caricature and I don't enjoy looking at it.
#2. Self-portrait, Christmas 2020. I painted it on an 18x24 canvass as a gag gift for a white elephant gift exchange. It was hilarious.
#1. My wife, Summer 2020. "It looks like a cross between Lily Tomlin and a cantaloupe."

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