My name is Matt Post and I am a researcher at Microsoft, working in their Translator group. For many years prior to that, I was a research scientist at the Human Language Technology Center of Excellence at Johns Hopkins University, where I am still an (adjunct) research professor in the Department of Computer Science and at the Center for Language and Speech Processing. My main research interest is in machine translation, but I like working on practical applied problems in many areas within natural language processing. I advise Rachel Wicks and Liz Salesky.

On the professional volunteer front, I am the director of the ACL Anthology. In the past, I’ve helped organize the manual evaluation of the annual Conference on Machine Translation, served on the NAACL executive board, and maintained the Joshua decoder. I spent 2017–2018 working on Sockeye with the great team at Amazon Research in Berlin.

Here is my list of publications, some of which I’ve organized into an area-driven research narrative.

(March 2022) Congratulations to Elizabeth on being selected as an Apple AI/ML fellow.

(November 2021) Liz presented our paper at EMNLP: Robust open-vocabulary translation from visual text representations [PDF]

(June 14, 2021) After over ten years at JHU, I left to join Microsoft Translator. I retain a courtesy appointment at JHU and my affiliation with HLTCOE.